Our sport horse facility is located in the beautiful Wallowa valley in northeastern Oregon. For the last twenty five years we have been involved in the sport of eventing. This sport requires a unique type of horse: one which can calmly dance through a dressage test, with the courage to tackle imposing x-country fences, and with the finesse to cleanly and carefully jump a course of stadium jumps — all within a three day period or less.

We have been providing this type of horse through a selective breeding program of Trakehners and Thoroughbreds for the last ten years. No longer can the Thoroughbred compete successfully in a dressage against the warm-blood crosses, though the stamina and courage of the Thoroughbred is vital to competition on challenging x-country courses. We have tapped into both in order to provide the consumer with a successful and enjoyable horse to ride.

Our stallion, Abenteur, is passing on his mellow and brave temperament as well as the jumping talents of his Advanced Level sire: Amethyst. From his dam — of Irish and English descent — Abenteur has inherited the soundness and speed of the legendary Nasrullah line. Our mares are proven Thoroughbred, Selle Francais, and Trakehner bloodlines with fantastic temperaments. Our program is small and our foals are carefully bred and easy to handle and train – anyone can quickly introduce them to their personalized training program.

We are happy to entertain visitors and hope this site entices you to come see us!